Who designed this Platform?


Hello! My name is Aiden Loe. I am a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge. My area of focus is to create automatic item generators for cognitive tests. A further extended area of research is to employ computer models to imitate human ability to complete newly developed cognitive items. Hence, Open Athan was created to connect data from multiple platforms to encourage new avenues of psychological research! During my free time I enjoy watching foreign films and playing the ukulele, with the occasional weekend baking!

People who contributed to the website

Filip Simonfy, Dr Kai Ruggeri, Srivigneshwar R Prasad, Sandra Matz, Jason Lee, & Lenka Firtova.


The pictograms you see in this website are bought from the noun project. We aim to simplify communication. Researchers as part of Open Athan get to choose their very own icons!

Why Participate?

Open Athan provides personalised feedback, letting you compare your results with participants.

Whenever you complete a game/test/survey on open athan, you are contributing to science. However, you are also learing new things about yourself which you may not have known previously in a fun and interactive way!

Join Us

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