1. If I am a researcher can I upload my tests?

At this stage, you cannot automatically upload your tests on Athan. If you wish to collaborate or have your tests on Athan, please have a read at the terms and conditions below.

2. As a researcher, what information do I need to provide to have my tests on Athan?

You need to complete this application submission located here. However, please ensure that you read the terms and conditions page below.

3. Does Athan collect information about the tests' data as well?

Currently no. Athan does not hold any test data. The data goes directly to the researchers themselves.

4. Is it free for users?

It will always be. Users are those who registered and log in to complete the games and tests. Developers are considered as those who have uploaded their tests on Athan.

5. What benefits do I get from being a user?

Some of these tests are published and they do provide immediate feedback. While we do not suggest that these tests may improve your cognitive ability or behaviour, they do provide a snapshot of your ability (i.e. working memory, attention, personality) in comparison to others.

6. Are these tests ethical?

At this stage, there are two main types. Published tests and research based studies. Information about published tests can be found through various connected hyperlinks to the relevant studies. All research based studies need to provide institutional ethical approval prior to having the tests uploaded on Athan.

7. As a developer will I be able to take a subset of data from other researchers automatically?

At this stage no, we do not have the necessary API to do so.

However, you do have the unique rid of all your participants. Hence, you need to get in touch with the researcher who designed the test that you are interested in and request for the rows that contains the unique rid of your participants.

Why Participate?

Open Athan provides personalised feedback, letting you compare your results with participants.

Whenever you complete a game/test/survey on open athan, you are contributing to science. However, you are also learing new things about yourself which you may not have known previously in a fun and interactive way!

Join Us

Researchers wanting to put a test on Open Athan might want to read the terms and conditions.


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