Interested in joining us as a researcher?

We have put together a list of questions that researchers might typically ask when they are interested in putting up their test/games/surveys on Open Athan.

If you have additional questions please feel free to drop me at email at

How do I sign up?

Firstly, to participate in any tests, you need to register and sign up. This will enable us to connect data from different measures together. If you are a researcher interested in running experiments and having your test/games/surveys hosted on Open Athan, please read the following below.

How do I run my experiments on Open Athan?

Open Athan is about linking data and it gives you the flexibility of creating any online measure with whatever platform you are comfortable with. Your tests/games/surveys could be developed using concerto, qualtrics, survey monkey or javascript programming language connected to your own server. Open Athan is able to host your measures as long as you provide us with a hyperlink.

Send us your hyperlink and we will show you how easy it is to host on Open Athan.

Basic Idea. A unique ID will be automatically latched onto the hyperlink you provide to us. This unique ID is assigned to the user when they register with Open Athan and it will appear at the end of your hyperlink when users click on your tests/games via Open Athan. You need to save the unique ID to your own database. This can be easily done with concerto, qualitrcs or survey monkey. If you did not develop the online test/game yourself, you can refer us to the developer.

Capturing the unique ID will allow you to connect your test/game data to another one on Open Athan. Hence, it will not be necessary for you to create a second existing test if it is already on Open Athan (e.g. linking your test to an established personality measure). Just send us the unique IDs and we will give you the data in return. All you have to do is to request that participants complete your test/game and the personality measure on Open Athan. Even better is that each test/game on Open Athan has it's own individual link so you can share it on social media easily and quickly.

Terms & Conditions

A big focus on Open Athan is about user exerience. Therefore, we have the following conditions that you would need to follow before we will host your study for you on Open Athan.

  1. Open Athan has the right to remove any test/games/surveys that is reported as inappropriate by the users.
  2. All tests/games/surveys have to obtain ethical approval via the respective institution. The approval letter must be submitted to Open Athan.
  3. All tests/games/surveys have to provide consent form prior to users completing it.
  4. Test/games/surveys that are not validated will only be advertised in the research corner.
  5. We understand that sometimes, certain tests/games/surveys do not provide meaning feedback. Therefore, those measures will most likely be advertised only on the research page.
  6. Researchers who wants to upload their tests/surveys/games must sign up to open athan and complete at least 3 measures. I will be honest and admit that there is no real way to check this but as fellow researchers, let's help each other out!

Please remember that the study should be designed to be as fun and engaging for participants. All tests/games/survey up on Open Athan will be posted on facebook to ask our 'followers' for feedback.

We retain to right to decide whether your experiment will be placed on Open Athan, including the right to unlink your test/game/survey at any point in time. You are requied to acknowledge the use of Open Athan in any publication (including blog posts) that reports on the data.

Not to worry. All study will be advertised on the front page. However, some tests/games/surveys might appear in more than one section of the platform depending on the nature of the research study.

Developing experiments for you

We are currently a small team and do not offer such services. Nevertheless, this is always an open area for discussion. It depends on whether your research is related to ours. We are however, always happy to share the data we collect from our own tests/games/surveys and to link it to yours. Just give us the unique IDs that are captured in your experiment and let us know which other tests you are interested in linking with on Open Athan.

How are Open Athan tests implemented?

Most experiments developed by Open Athan uses the concerto platform, survey monkey and qualtrics. However, you are not restricted to these 3 platforms. All of these experiements uses Javascript, HTML, CSS and MySQl at some level. As long as your test/game/survey has a hyperlink, we will most likely be able to host it on Open Athan.

Final Notes

Please do not expect that your work is done once your experiment is up and running on Open Athan. This is only the inital setup. We aim to tailorise solutions when working with researchers whenever possible. However, researchers need do their part to find participants and promote your test as widely as possible.

If you are happy with these conditions, please click below. This will redirect to another page where you will need to submit additional information about the research study. After that we will check to determine whether your research study is suitable for Open Athan. The response rate is less than 48 hours.

Why Participate?

Open Athan provides personalised feedback, letting you compare your results with participants.

Whenever you complete a game/test/survey on open athan, you are contributing to science. However, you are also learing new things about yourself which you may not have known previously in a fun and interactive way!

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Researchers wanting to put a test on Open Athan might want to read the terms and conditions.


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