AG Figural Analogies

Time Taken

About 45 mintues



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Developed By:

University of Muenster

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This is a test of Analogical Reasoning, which is related to General Intelligence. Potential participants have the chance to complete the test in absolute anonymity, and it is strongly recommended that they do it on their own without any kind of help from other people. The stimuli consist of graphical exercises for which individuals have to determine which of the given answer options should go in the missing space marked with a question icon. This requires enough concentration, reason why it is advisable to choose a relaxing place and spend enough time to complete it. When the test is finished, a short automatic feedback of the result is given.

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Blum, D., Holling, H., Galibert, M.S, & Forthmann, B. (2016). Task difficulty prediction of figural analogies. Intelligence, 56, 72-81.