Twilight Zone Test

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University of Cambridge

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While much of our existence is hum drum, there are times when we face challenges to our habitual ways of doing things. Times like these can bring on hidden strengths (or weaknesses) which we did not know we had. How we behave at such times depends very much on predispositions that lie, often hidden, within our character. These predispositions represent coping strategies for dealing with new situations that we face; some are successful, some less so. Either way, they exist in the twilight zone between good mental health and the dark zones of mental disorder. They can be the source of our most creative acts, of unusal or unexpected solutions to problems. Or they may lead us to set out unwary on more hazardous pathways.

This questionnaire examines your position on a scale that ranges from the ability to obtain inspiration from dreams, visions and odd occurrences to a complete distain of association with anything other than obviously rational and logical explanations. Most of these characteristics are readily recognisable in our friends and acquaintances, perhaps less so in ourselves. Psychiatrists have identified the consequences of holding these characteristics to extremes. How do you react when confronted by the twilight zone? Complete this questionnaire to find out!

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