ICAR 16 Intelligence Test

Time Taken

About 25 mintues



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Developed By:

University of Cambridge

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This is a shortened version of the ICAR intelligence test. There are 4 item types; matrix reasoning, letter and numerical reasoning, 3D rotation reasoning and verbal reasoning questions.

The ICAR 16 intelligence test is a public-domain measure taken from the International Cognitive Ability Resource (ICAR, 2014). It was developed by Condon and Revelle( 2014). It is a shorten version of the ICAR 60 cognitive ability test. The primary goal is to develop and assess a small number of cognitive ablity domains which are relatively distinct from one another but also at the same time, measuring general intelligence

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Condon, D. M., & Revelle, W. (2014). The International Cognitive Ability Resource: Development and initial validation of a public-domain measure. Intelligence, 43, 52-64.
The International Cognitive Ability Resource Team (2014). http://icar-project.